Yunnan Speciality Coffee Beans

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We are a Yunnan based company and began as one of Yunnan’s first speciality coffee producers. Many years since our founding, speciality Yunnan coffee is very close to our hearts. 

Each year the quality of Yunnan coffee is increasing and production is becoming more reliable. It used to be that most coffee professionals around the world didn’t even know that China produced coffee. These days everyone has heard about its amazing growth and wants to try some.

We take great care to select the best coffees we can find for our roastery in Kunming. Being close to the fields means that we can travel to farms directly and transport the coffee in hours, not months. That has a big impact on freshness and improves the final taste of our coffees. 

Take a look through some of our favourite Yunnan coffees below and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

High-Quality Yunnan Coffee

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