Yunnan Agricultural University - College of Food Science & Technology

Making better coffee requires dedicated research and technology

The College of Food Science & Technology at Yunnan Agricultural University is one of China’s premier food and nutrition science institutes. It has gained recognition from its experience in developing with the Yunnan tea, fruit and flower based products. 

The institute carries out research on major scientific issues and key technologies for food processing and safety in the areas of animal food science, food science and engineering, agricultural product processing and storage engineering. 

To further improve the quality and consistancty of the coffee that we offer to our customers, our parent company has entered into a research and development cooperation agreement the college. The scope of the relationship covers many aspects of our supply chain from development and quality control at the farm level all the way to new consumer product development.

Through this relationship we are abal to offer our customers new and inovative coffee products, but also to bear the cost of providing high level science based advise to farmers to help them improve the products that they deliver.