Yunnan Agricultural University - College of Food Science & Technology

Making better coffee requires dedicated research and technology

The College of Food Science & Technology at Yunnan Agricultural University is one of China’s premier food and nutrition science institutes. It has gained recognition from its experience in developing with the Yunnan tea, fruit and flower based products. 

The institute carries out research on major scientific issues and key technologies for food processing and safety in the areas of animal food science, food science and engineering, agricultural product processing and storage engineering. 

To further improve the quality and consistancty of the coffee that we offer to our customers, our parent company has entered into a research and development cooperation agreement the college. The scope of the relationship covers many aspects of our supply chain from development and quality control at the farm level all the way to new consumer product development.

Through this relationship we are able to offer our customers new and innovative coffee products, but also to bear the cost of providing high level science based advise to farmers to help them improve the products that they deliver.


Sister Manor Project

With the primary objective of our partnership with Yunnan Agricultural University being to improve coffee quality, they have become heavily involved in our Sister Manor project. With access to state of the art laboratories and a team of food technology experts, we are able to use data to calibrate our coffee production to a degree that is not typically possible. 

During harvest season, a regular stream of ManLao River and university staff visit our production partners in the coffee producing regions of Yunnan to assess quality, take samples and offer direction on how to get the best possible result out of each coffee bean. 

Fruity & Floral Coffees

With many Chinese people not used to the taste of coffee, we worked with the university to create a series of coffees that would appeal to people who had never drunk coffee before. What we came up with was a series of drip bags that combine ground Yunnan coffees with other agricultural products from around the province. The range includes flavours such as rose, mulberry, jasmine, osmanthus and strawberry. 

 The flavours are created from fresh fruit and flowers sourced from around the province. No artificial flavours or colours. Essentially the drip bags contain freshly ground coffee combined with ground fruit and flowers. This is similar to combining herbal tea with a speciality coffee. The challenge was in achieving a grind size and profile for the fruit and flowers that would allow them to extract at a rate that exactly matched the coffee extraction times. 

Conducting tasting testing and refining over many months, we finally hit upon a flavour profile and combination that China’s tea drinking population would love on their first sip.

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