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For many businesses coffee is an intergral part of what they do. Making sure that coffees not only surprise and delight, but also making sure that it they are reliably supplied to the correct specification time and again. People want to know that a blend will taste a certain way and it is important that you have a roaster who understands that.

The standard of coffee says a lot about a business. Trust a coffee roaster with a leading reputation in coffee in turn guarantees your reputation.

Being based in Yunnan we are close to the coffee farming region of China. Working directly with the farmers on a regular basis gives us excellent quality control capabilities and the ability to quickly source product direct from origin.

We service all of China by courier with the majority of our coffee being shipped on the same day as it is roasted to ensure freshness.

If you would like to set up a wholesale account with us to access wholesale pricing, please call us on +86 871 65388830 or email us at coffee@manlaoriver.com

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About ManLao River

ManLao River Coffee started as a poverty elevation program in the foothills of the Himalayas close to the China / Laos border. The land where we grew coffee was regularly traversed by Asian Elephants and the communities that we worked with did end up growing out of proverty. At the same time as we ran that project, we also established a speciality coffee roaster in Kunming with the goals of displaying the best of Yunnan’s coffees.

Today the land that we utilised for the farms has been transfered on and continues to produce some of Yunnan’s finest speciality coffees. At the roastery we have diversified into not only roasting amazing coffees from our old land, but also sourcing great coffees other parts of Yunnan and around the world. Our goal is still to put Yunnan coffee on the coffee map and to do it by providing amazing experiences to our customers.

  • First Chinese coffee producer member of the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA)
  • Work Level Certification from Switzerland
  • First EU & USDA Certified Organic Yunnan Coffee
  • First Chinese coffee to be used in World Barista Championship (WBC)
  • First Chinese coffee to be used in World Coffee Roasters Championship (WCRC)
  • Top tier green sponsor of World Cup Taster Championship
  • Founding member of International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) China Chapter
  • Top Chinese origin coffee on CoffeeReview.com
  • Host of Yunnan Coffee Cup 2018 China Brewers Championship (Kunming Round)
  • Sponsor of Amateur Brewers Cup (ABrC)
  • First Chinese coffee reviewed by New York Times
  • Bronze medal in 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards for exported Yi Rong Sister Manor coffee

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