ManLao River Speciality Coffee Roasting

Bringing World-Class Coffee to China

The Ahrire Story

‘Ahrire’ is the Yi people’s word for ‘Tiger’ and is also the given name of our head roaster. Tigers are highly reveared animals in the Yi cultural heritage and our roastery aims to embody the spirit and energy of the tiger in its development of new and exciting single origin and blended roasts.

Established as the official roastery brand of Manlao River Coffee in 2012, the roaster has been internationally recognised numerous times and continues to select and roast increadible coffees from around the world. 

Ahrire treats coffee roasting as an art and aims to get the absolute best out of every shipment of beans we receive. While we have a number of long running branded roasts, Ahrire also provides custom roasting services to coffee shops around China looking for a unique taste profile and guaranteed freshness. 

A Focus on Gourmet Yunnan Coffee

Through Ahrire Roasting’s deep intergration with ManLao River Coffee’s speciality green coffee operations, Ahrire has gained a deep insight into the variety of coffees available from Yunnan and regional differences that add layers to his final roasted products.

Ahrire personally cups each sample of coffee before working with it to identify its stand-out characteristics. Working with what is in season, individual lots are then selected for use in our regular blends and single origins, with some very rare beans making their way into one-off microroasts for customers lucky enough to purchase in time.

The World Stage

As well as roasting Yunnan coffees, Ahrire also selects excellent coffees from around the world to introduce to the Chinese coffee consuming market. Some of these are offered as single origins, but we also love creating blends with Yunnan coffees that brings out the best of what the world has to offer. 

To test the quality of our coffees on a level playing field, Ahrire has submitted various roasted coffees to for comparison. Recognised as #2 internationally for 2015 and recieving the highest ever score awarded to a Yunnan single origin show that great coffee is not only doable, but is already happening.

We love coffee and are keen to share what Yunnan has to offer with the world as well as bringing the world to China. Coffee consumption is only increasing in China and we are driven to be a part of delievering the best possible flavour experience to the people here.

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