ManLao River Sister Manor Project

Creating better coffee for China and the world

In order to secure coffee that meets our standards, in 2018 ManLao River Coffee established a Sister Manor project where we work with reliable, high-quality coffee producers to produce coffee specifically for our needs. In order to add value to our Sister Manor partners we have established a cooperation arrangement with Yunnan Agricultural University where they provide technical research and advice to farmers and producers. The benefit of this is that producers are able to benefit from the sophsticated labs and scientists at the university to make measureable and qunatified improvements to their processes.

At present we have two Sister Manor partners and will be looking to expand the program over the next several years. A key aim of the project is to, not only help our partners produce better coffee, but to ensure that it is coffee to a target quality and quantity. This allows them to reduce their overall risk as the coffees are being produced to target a specific market need. We can also try to control the quantities of lower grade commercial coffees that are the inevitable byproduct of speciality coffee production allowing farmers to better plan their overall income and profit each year.

Our Sister Manors

Yirong Coffee Manor


Pu'er Linrun Manor