Nagy Peaberry (150g)


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This Manor Select Series micro-lot is a hand-screened peaberries from Nagy (Pu’er). Peaberries are coffee beans where only one of the seeds in the coffee cherry has been fertilised. This mean that instead of two seeds stuck together, creating a flat surface between then, the single seed develops into a round shape with no flat side.

Round beans have a better flavor than flat beans from the same coffee tree. However, only about 3 kilograms of peaberries able to be screened per 100 kilograms of raw coffee beans. It is precious, round, strong and deep coffee.

The coffee begins with dark chocolate and a hints of cedar wood. The fragarence is of raisins, plum blossoms and musk. A gentle but lively acid refreshes the tounge, before a delicious, textured, syrupy floral and chocolate finish.

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