Manwan Mountain (150g)


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A few years ago,  the coffee of Manwan Mountain in Manzhongtian started catching our attention for their extremely high quality. The the mix of catimor and caturra trees stand a little higher than 1.6m with full green leaves. We tried different processes and roasts in the early stages and finally started taking their flavour to a new height. After tasting, we couldn’t imagine the coffee was from Yunnan.

In 2016, we submitted this coffee to and recieved the highest score ever awarded to a Yunnan coffee. The coffee has a subtle, delicate flavor with a deep, rich floral fragrance. Notes of lilac, red fir, candied walnuts, roasted cocoa beans and apple dried fruit are presented in the cup. This coffee is crisp and full of floral notes with a tasty, vibrant acidity and a light, silky smooth texture.

It is a very pleasant choice for those who love the characteristics of dried fruit and nuts, but also enjoy a sweet floral flavor.

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candied walnut, hibiscus, roasted cocoa beans

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