Costa Rica Red Honey (227g)


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Finac Tobosi, a two-hour drive south of costa rica’s capital, San Jose, was owned by the Jorge Bernes family in 2010. The manor aims to be the leader in the supply of specialty coffee. Jorge Bernes, who comes from a coffee family, has been growing coffee since his grandfather and is one of the first coffee leaders in the Rarrazu region. The average elevation of Tobosi manor is 1500-1600m, with Red&Yellow Catuai, Villasarchi and Geisha covering an area of 23 hectares. The farm strives for perfection in the process of growing coffee. Based on the height of the differences and environmental tests, as well as soil analysis, they selected the most suitable plots for coffee cultivation to ensure that the beans have adequate nutrition for the growth of lijiang. TOBSI’s quality manager is Mario, with 19-year-experience, who used to be SOE’s sole roaster and cup tester. The plantation is fully harvested by hand, so that the maturity and tracking management of coffee can be better understood. Customers can further understand the quality, harvesting time and all related processes.

This Costa red honey coffee, dry aroma is of flowers, butter, sugar cane sweet smell. Wet aroma is white grape fruit flavor and the sweetness of maple syrup. You also can taste the flavor of  tropical fruit, raspberries, berries and peaches. The sweetness is particularly impressive, even after drinking the coffee from the bottom of the cup, still has a sweet caramel aroma. It fully covers the impression of Costa acid style.

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