ManLao River Import / Export Program

Exchanging coffee experiences with the wider world

ManLao River is a vertically integrated coffee company in China sourcing a variety of high-quality coffees from around Yunnan province and the world. Our dual goals are to expand China’s adoption of coffee and to introduce Yunnan coffee to coffee consumers around the world.

Green Coffee Exports

Two of our key advantages as a supplier of Yunnan coffee to the world is the wide variety of suppliers we work with around the province and our ability to consolidate containers for multiple customers. In the speciality coffee sector, many customers cannot fill an entire container with their own coffee, so need to find consolidation partners in their home country to share the load. With an established distribution network in many countries, ManLao River can take the pressure off coffee importers and roasters by utilising existing relationships to facilitate these smaller exports. We love the coffee we source in Yunnan and apply the same strict quality control standards for our customers abroad as we do for our locally roasted products.

Green Coffee Imports

As well as roasting high-quality Yunnan coffees, we like to offer our customers in China a selection of incredible coffees from around the world. Some this is used in our blends and others are offered as single origins. To keep things interesting, each year we buy a number of one-off batches that we think are special to provide variety to our customers and show off regions of the world that are doing things worth sharing.

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