Try a Sample of Our Coffee
¥10 Special Offer Including Delivery
To introduce new customers to our range, for a limited time we are offering sample packs of three of our specialty Yunnan coffees.
Rose & Jasmine Coffee
Speciality coffee with a hint of flower tea
Yunnan is famous for its teas, flowers and coffee. Try something new with our blends of flower petal tea and coffee in a convenient pour over bags form
Yunnan Speciality Coffee
We love China's homegrown coffee
ManLao River works with coffee producers around Yunnan province to find amazing Chinese green coffee to roast at our award winning roaster in Kunming
Pour Over Coffee Bags
The most convenient way to enjoy speciality coffee
Whether you are on the road, in the office or at home, there is no excuse for drinking bad coffee. Our nitrogen flushed pour over coffee drip bags offer the best in flavour and convenience

Welcome to ManLao River Speciality Coffee. We are a Yunnan based coffee roaster delivering fantastic coffee to an international standard in China. We work closely with farmers around the province to help them improve their crop in ways that reduces their financial risks and improves output. This also gives us early access to the coffees that we love and share with our customers.

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