Producer profiles, including interest in producing specialty coffee


Profile of responsible person:

  • Name: Yenei, born on October 8, 1965
  • Education: junior high school
  • From September 1975 to July 1979, studied in Fuyan central school
  • From September 1979 to July 1982, studied in Mengma No. 2 middle school
  • Since August 1982, have been engaged in farming in Group 2 of Xingang

Is he interested in producing specialty coffee (e.g. raw bean )

Yes, especially after joining the city coffee association and after various skills training organized by the trading center.He became more interested in specialty coffee after attending classes and observing coffee production and processing on the spot.

Introduce of farm(set-up time,base area,variety,geographical conditions,location, climate, soil, terrain, etc., with pictures)

Menglian Fuyan Xingang tea-coffee house is located in the mountainside of DaHeiShan. It is located in the northwest of menglian county and the east of fuyan town government. It is 30 kilometers away from the county town and the farm covers an area of 28 acre. There is a daily processing of coffee fresh fruit more than 30 tons of standard processing plants, about 6000 square meters, annual output of dry beans more than 300 tons. There is a daily processing of 4-6 tons of fresh leaves of tea processing plants, annual output of dry tea more than 100 tons.

Set-up time:

  1. Tea: the tea industry was planned to develop in 1999, and the seedling was started in September of the same year. From June to July of 2000, tea was planted. Till now, 3000 acre of tea has been cultivated
  2. Coffee: planned to develop coffee since 2003. In November of the same year, coffee seedlings were cultivated, and 50 acre of coffee was planted in June and July of 2004. So far, it has been developed to grow coffee on 2,600 acre。
  3. Variety: 
    • Tea:Yunkang No.10,XueyaNo.100,Changyebaihao,YunkangNo.14 etc..
    • Coffee: Catimor
  4. Geographical conditions: located between latitude 22°14 ’48 “– 22°20′ 30” and longitude 99°21 ’57 “– 99°30′ 18”, the terrain is high in the east and low in the west, in a stepped shape. The farm is located on the mountainside with the highest elevation of 2239 meters in DaHei mountain (the farm is located at 1670 meters).。
  5. Climate: climate types are diverse, three-dimensional climate is obvious, the altitude is 600 meters -2239 meters. The annual average temperature is 17℃ — 20℃, ≥10℃, the accumulated temperature is 5000 ℃ — 7500℃, the annual sunshine hours are about 2000 hours, the climate is mild, the four seasons climate change difference is small, winter basically no frost, the seasonal phase change. Annual precipitation is more than 1700 mm, and rainy season concentrated in June – November. Rich plant resources, fast growing, evergreen, suitable for growing tea, coffee, jackfruit, papaya, etc.
  6. Soil: composed mainly of red and terra-cotta-colored soil. The soil is thick and deep.
  7. Terrain: the terrain is high in the east and low in the west. It is in a stepped shape, rising gradually from the Nanka river to the Dahei mountain.

Overview of processing facilities and other facilities (text and pictures)

There are 6 fresh fruit peeling machine,  a fresh fruit color selection machine, five fermentation pool,  a degumming machine, a grading cleaning ditch, a set of dryer, a drying place, and the area is around 6000 square meters.

A map or sketch of a farm (natural area, production area and infrastructure)

Previous records of harvesting, transport and trading (over 3 years)

Processing of fruit by-products (peel, sewage treatment, text and pictures)

It has been certified by nestle 4C and starbucks CP.

Roads into the farm during all seasons (wet and dry) (with photo captions)

Roads are built, and the wet and dry season runs smoothly.

Producer organizational capacity

  1. Base management: adopt the scientific management of “farm + base + farmer”.
  2. Processing management: strictly in accordance with the processing process and technical requirements management.

Production forecast for 2018-2019

Commercial beans: 190 tons, Specialty beans: 20 tons.

The status of the producer in the organization (which organization: for example, vice President unit or member of *** association, leading enterprise in a certain region, how many coffee farmers encouraged nearby, etc.)

Is a member of pu ‘er coffee association. Led 21 villagers groups, 757 households, a total of 2,703 people.

Future management planning of the farm

From the environment, variety selection, planting methods, agricultural management, sales management, staff management and other efforts, in strict accordance with the scientific requirements of management.

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