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One of the difficulties with buying things online is that it is difficult to know what you are getting until it arrives. With products like coffee, where you need to taste sisomething to understand it, that challenge is multiplied.

To make it easier for you to try out our coffees, we have put together a sample pack of some of our favourite Yunnan coffees. These includes three local Yunnan coffees from farms that we work directly with to secure amazing quality coffee.

At full price, these packs are worth at least ¥35 each. To introduce more people to speciality Chinese coffee, we are now offering these for just ¥10 including delivery.


    About ManLao River

    ManLao River Coffee started as a poverty elevation program in the foothills of the Himalayas close to the China / Laos border. The land where we grew coffee was regularly traversed by Asian Elephants and the communities that we worked with did end up growing out of proverty. At the same time as we ran that project, we also established a speciality coffee roaster in Kunming with the goals of displaying the best of Yunnan’s coffees.

    Today the land that we utilised for the farms has been transfered on and continues to produce some of Yunnan’s finest speciality coffees. At the roastery we have diversified into not only roasting amazing coffees from our old land, but also sourcing great coffees other parts of Yunnan and around the world. Our goal is still to put Yunnan coffee on the coffee map and to do it by providing amazing experiences to our customers.

    • First Chinese coffee producer member of the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA)
    • Work Level Certification from Switzerland
    • First EU & USDA Certified Organic Yunnan Coffee
    • First Chinese coffee to be used in World Barista Championship (WBC)
    • First Chinese coffee to be used in World Coffee Roasters Championship (WCRC)
    • Top tier green sponsor of World Cup Taster Championship
    • Founding member of International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) China Chapter
    • Top Chinese origin coffee on CoffeeReview.com
    • Host of Yunnan Coffee Cup 2018 China Brewers Championship (Kunming Round)
    • Sponsor of Amateur Brewers Cup (ABrC)
    • First Chinese coffee reviewed by New York Times
    • Bronze medal in 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards for exported Yi Rong Sister Manor coffee

    Included Coffees Samples

    The sample pack includes a 25g sample of each of the following speciality Yunnan coffees whole beans. This is the perfect amount for one brew of each. If you were to buy three similar pour overs in a speciality coffee shop in China you would likely spend at least ¥150.

    An innovative micro-lot in our Manor Select Series. This natural process coffee shows off red wine, tropical fruit, caramel and sweetness with a smooth body. The coffee is sourced from old trees at an altitude of 1450m. The coffee has an unusual sweetness with flavour notes of blueberries and cranberries. Elements of dry red wine surprise the taste buds before a finish that is clean and powerful.


      This coffee utilises innovative, micro-lot processing from Naji (Pu’er). Full red fruit harvested by hand using a red honey processing method achive the sweetness of honey during drying and develop flavour elements of candied dates. The coffee is very clean with the roasting highlights the unique and unexpectedly lively, brightness and sour notes. A wonderful combination of plum, carambola and cocoa.

        Every year endangered wild Asian Elephants visit the Pu’er coffee producing area. This is a natural endorsement of the ecological balance of the coffee growing environment. Named “The Return”, this coffee blends coffee from growers in the elephant’s home range to create an authentic, natural, celebration of these beautiful creatures. The coffee has a long sweet red apple favour combined with fragrant nuts and moderate acidity.

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