specialty Coffee drip bags

Speciality Coffee Wherever You Go

Coffee Drip Bags provide ultimate coffee drinking convenience. They are ideal for travelers who don’t want to take lots of bulky equipment with them, but still want to enjoy great coffee while they are away.

Enjoy fresh coffee that is sealed within 90 seconds of being ground. Our drip bags are nitrogen flushed and filled with specialty roasted Yunnan coffee.

Classic Coffee Drip Bags

For people who are looking for a classic coffee flavour, these drip bags will make a great cup of traditional coffee with the simple addition of hot water. Flavour notes include, roasted hazelnuts, chocolate aromas and caramel floating. The coffee is smooth and sweet, with cocoa aromas upfront and a long sweet tea aftertaste.

Floral Drip Bags

Yunnan has both the highest production of roses and the highest production of coffee in China. It is only natural that we should try to blend the flavours that typify out mountainous home.


Taking advantage of the drip bag format, we have created a blend of rose petals and coffee that adds a new dimensions to a typical coffee. The natural floral flavor is subtle and fresh while the coffee taste is rich and mellow. The rose petals add a subtle sweetness to the drink with an aftertaste of floral tea.

Jasmine Coffee blends the natural frangence of jasmine petals with fine drip coffee. Imagine a smooth rounded coffee with notes of jasmine tea, cocoa, caramel and chocolate. The combination of the jasmine and coffee aromas have been carefully balanced to create a well rounded and unique beverage.


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