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What fruits make you feel alive?
What fragrances speak to your heart?
Does tea have a space in your ideal world?
Are you sweet, spicy, nutty or a mixture?
What is the right way for coffee to be prepared?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does this quiz work?

Coffee is complex. In fact, there are more than 3 times as many molecular compounds contributing to the flavour of coffee than there are contributing to a good wine. Understandable then that while most people “know what they like” when it comes to coffee, they find it difficult to find that experience in most coffee they buy.

To solve this, we developed the Coffee Personalisation Quiz which asks about tastes you enjoy, aromas that make you feel great and you personal preference in terms of coffee preparation. The algorithm then searches our database and finds the coffees that are best suited to you and your preparation method.

Are our coffees whole bean or pre-ground?

When you order a coffee from our website, you will be prompted to either accept whole beans or to select a grind size. We obviously recommend grinding freshly if you can, but understand that that is not always an option available to all people. Rest assured that if you select a pre-ground coffee, it will be just as fresh as our whole bean coffees. The only difference is that we run the beans through one of our professional grade conniical burr grinders before sending them out to you.

Make sure to choose a grind size that suits the coffee preparation style you want to use. If you are not sure, email us with details of the way you like your coffee and we will make some suggestions.

How do I know if your coffee is good? 

We are a company built on quality. We supply to numerous high-quality cafes around China who demand consistency, value for money and the highest quality. A testiment to our head roaster’s tallent is that we hold the top place on for an imported coffee by a Chinese roaster and also top place for a Chinese coffee roasted anywhere. Out of the many entries they recieve each year from around the world, we were also ranked 2nd internationally in 2015.

How do I know the coffee will be freshly roasted?

Freshness is a key factor in the quality of roasted coffee beans. Ideally, you should be drinking coffee that is 1-3 weeks since roasting. Drinking it too soon doesn’t give the bean enough time to settle and for the gasses to escape Drinking it too late will result in beans going stale. 

We typically roast our coffee post-order. This means that when your order comes in, we only then add that bag to the production schedule. In the vast majority of orders, we are able to courier the coffee on the same day that it was roasted. Even if we only recieve an order for one bag, our microroaster can handle tiny quantities to ensure you get the freshest product

Why is there such a big price difference between some of your coffees? 

We try to buy the best speciality coffees (a minimum of 80 points on the SCA scale) available in the market at any time. As a consequence, we are often also paying considerably more for our raw ingredients than the majority of roasters. This gives us fantastic quality but does drive our prices up a bit. That being said, green coffee processing methodology and scale can have as big an impact on price as quality. 

Our Munroe Butterfly Espresso (454g), Breakfast Blend (1kg), The Return (150g), Latitude 22 Signature Drip (1kg) and Old Friend (1kg) coffees are produced in volume for cafes around China utilising high-quality, washed beans from Yunnan. Washing is a cheaper and less risky coffee processing methodology when compared with Natural, Honey, Peaberry or Micro-lot processing. This means that for the same quality, we can get cheaper prices for these beans and pass those savings onto you. 

Other questions? 

We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to discuss coffee. Email us with any questions and we will make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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