Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria's, your coffee is awesome and has helped us achieve some amazing roasted scores on Coffee Review. That you also say such nice things about our coffee is a true honour. Thank you! https://legacy.sweetmarias.com/library/china/

Coffee Review – Nagy Peaberry – 88

CoffeeReview.com is probably the most respected coffee review website on the internet. That said we are always excited to get one of our coffee's reviewed by them and doubly pleased to achieve such a great result. Check out their review below: https://www.coffeereview.com/review/nagy-peaberry/ 88 points

Coffee Review – Perci N2 L39 – 94

What a great coffee. Panama's Geishas have a well-deserved reputation as some of the world's finest coffees. The Perci N2 L39 really exemplified this and gave us the opportunity to show off something really special to our customers. Thank you Coffee Review for helping us tell the story of this wonderful roast! https://www.coffeereview.com/review/perci-n2-l39/

ManLao River Coffee @ La Marzocco

Thank you to La Marzocco for hosting us and letting us share a bit about what we are doing in China. We are proud of what we have achieved and love letting the world know about Yunnan coffee. http://www.lamarzoccousa.com/tag/manlao-river/

Peverelli on Chinese Food and Culture

Peter has written a great piece talking about the confluence of coffee, tea and wine in the Pu'er region. Thanks for the shout out. https://chinafoodingredients.com/2014/03/17/puer-a-marriage-between-coffee-in-tea/

The State of Domestic Coffee Production in China

Thank you Nathan for using us as a case study in your article. China Briefing is a fantastic publication that we would recommend to anyone doing business in China. We completely agree with you regarding the challeneges that Yunnan coffee faces and that it has a bright future as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Come and have a coffee again with us sometime! http://www.china-briefing.com/news/the-state-of-domestic-coffee-production-in-china/

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