To Russia with Love

Today we sent our first ever coffee to Russia. Looking forward to hearing their reaction to the flavours of our French Roast Yunnan Coffee.

4th Yunnan Coffee Cup China Brewing Contest Kunming Round & 1st Kunming Speciality Coffee Culture Festival

From October 26th to 28th, the 4th Yunnan Coffee Cup China Brewing Contest Kunming Round and the First Yunnan Speciality Coffee Culture Festival was hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture, China Coffee Alliance, Shanghai Café Competition Communication Co., Ltd. Eighteen coffee brewing masters were selected to compete for the chance at to compete in this year's China Brewing Contest Finals in Lincan. The contestants used different grinds, measurements, water temperature, water-powder ratio and extraction time to highlight their chosen producing areas and estates. In a departure from previous years, this year's coffee brewing competition will be incorporated into the...

China Food & Catering Expo

This week we have been in Changsha at the China Food & Cater Expo. We took up a booth with the China Coffee League to hand out samples of ManLao River Coffee. Tony came along with us and was a hero of coffee brewing over the three long days of the expo. As well as the expo, we also attended the Coffee and Drink Branding Development Summit Forum where we heard from some of the biggest brands in Chinese coffee. It was really interesting to hear their perspectives on where the industry and consumer preferences are heading. We also ate...

Inhouse ​Coffee Training

Coffee is the lifeblood of our business. One of the ways that we make sure that every part of our business is focused on delivering quality is through education. Today, Joy has spent the day training our full staff defect training, including our accountants, drivers and office managers who don't normally spend time on quality control. He prepared a variety of coffees from around the world to highlight the difference in cupping. Most people in our company only every taste coffee that has already been selected for quality, so actually tasting the defects was an enlighting, but slightingly horrible, experience. ...

Yanji Round of the Yunnan Coffee Cup 2018 China Brewers Championship

We just spent a fantastic few days in Yanji hanging out with coffee enthusiasts and this year's crop of brewing champions. Yanji was a fantastic city with a surprisingly vibrant coffee scene. There is a real mix of Korean and Chinese cultures in the region that was fascinating to be a part of. Extremely close to both the China-Russian and China-North Korean borders we really got to see a side of China that was quite different to what we were used to in Yunnan. Travelling on a boat between China and North Korea was a once in a lifetime experience...

Airborne AeroPress

We have been big fans of the AeroPress for a while. It makes a great coffee with a little more body than a typical pour over. It seems to really bring out some of the more subtle flavours in Yunnan's coffee and has become our go-to coffee brewing method when we are on the road.  in Seattle this year, I came across the Fellow Prismo AeroPress attachment, which actually makes a great thing even better. It doesn't use paper filters, which means the coffee is a little grittier, but I don't mind that at all.. some of the best coffees...

Coffee Technology Tour of Yunnan With Bext360

We just had an amazing trip around the coffee country of Yunnan with Tessa Thorburn and Hennie Kashiwa from Bext360 and Matthew Lewin, winner of the 7th Fushan International Barista Championship of China. Over the space of ten days, we drove from Kunming through Dali to Baoshan to visit the coffee fields there.  After visiting some fantastic farms there, we travelled the mountain roads overland to Pu'er and then back to Kunming.  It was a great crew of people, and with Matthew there, we never had to worry about not having access to an amazing cup of coffee. Thanks for an...

Savaya Coffee Market

We are always pleased to see our coffee being shown off to the world. Yunnan has some amazing coffee flavours that we are glad to share with your customers. We noticed your article on the AeroPress and have to say that we are huge fans of it as a brewing method for Yunnan coffee. It seems to accentuate the subtle characteristics without overpowering them the way an esspresso can. Love your work!

ManLao River in the New York Times

Earlier this year we sent a container of our green coffee to North America. We are always happy to share our coffee with the world, but were particularly pleased when we found out that the coffee had received a very positive review from the New York Times. Thank you to Global Coffee Trading and Thanks Giving Coffee for making this possible! New York Times - A Pleasing Brew From Yunnan Province

ManLao River Coffee in the USA

Earlier in the year, we sent a container of speciality Yunnan coffee to the US with Karen Cebreros of Global Coffee Trading. We put a lot of love into the coffee at the production level, so it is great to see it receiving the same care and attention from such a well regarded roaster as the Thanksgiving Coffee Company (Roast Magazine's 2017 Roaster of the Year). Thank you to everyone involved, we look forward to seeing you again soon in Yunnan!

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