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Buy High Quality Coffee Beans Online with Delivery in China

If you are looking for high-quality speciality pre-ground coffee in China, we make sure you have access to all the best coffees in our range. At ManLao River Coffee, we provide our customers with the option to have any coffee pre-ground in one of our professional conical burr grinders prior to being sent out. Even with pre-grinding, most of our coffees will be sent out on the same day that they are roasted to get them to you fresh.

In order to take advantage of our pre-grinding service, select the details button below any of our speciality coffees to take you to that coffee’s details page. On the details page you will be able use the dropdown menu (whole-bean will be selected by default) to select your preference of grind size. Make sure to select an approriate grind size fo the style of preparation that you will be using to ensure the best possible taste.

If you are looking for some extra convenience, our drip bags are all pre-ground and packaged so that you don’t need anything more that a cup and some hot water to make a great coffee.

Here is a list of grind sizes and the types of coffee that we recommend you use them for:

  • Extra Coarse: Cold Brew Coffee
  • Coarse: French press or percolator
  • Medium-Coarse: Chemex or clever dripper
  • Medium: Cone shaped pour over brewers, flat bottom drip machines, siphon coffee or 3 minute Aeropress
  • Medium-Fine: Cone shaped pour over brewers or 2-3 minute Aeropress
  • Fine: Espresso, Moka pot or 1 minute Aeropress
  • Extra-Fine: Turkish coffee

Pre-Ground Coffees

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