How to Make a Cup of Drip Coffee

Introduction of ManLao River Drip Coffee Bags

  1. 100% ground coffee beans, no additives, lock in the health factor of coffee.
  2. It is convenient to drink a cup of good coffee anytime and anywhere. As long as you have hot water and a cup, you can also become a coffee expert, especially suitable for office and travel。
  3. ManLao River drip coffee beans are selected  from Yunnan, Ethiopia and Colombia, all of which have a roasting score of over 90 points. The beans are roatsted after ordering and sent out at the first time. It is recommended to drink them within half a month, so as to taste the best flavor of coffee.
  4. In the process of making drip coffee, the volatilization of coffee aroma makes a person fascinate. During tasting coffee, it is better to use your smell taste and touch to enjoy the beautiful of coffee, and try not to add milk and sugar as far as possible. It is recommended to smell the aroma first, then take a sip of the coffee solution through the mouth, and use your tongue to identify the sour and sweet you can feel.

How to make ManLao River Drip Coffee

  1. Control your water temperature. Do not use boiling water directly, and then good coffee will rush out of the bitter taste. The appropriate water temperature is between 85 and 92 degrees, and the office water fountain is just right, or the lid is opened and let stand for 3 minutes after the kettle boils. It would be nice to have a thermometer.
  2. Control the amount of water. Drip coffee is generally packed with 10 grams of ground coffee powder, with 150-180ml water to brew, then you can get the most charming flavor and taste. Of course, you can  increase or reduce the water volume depending on your preference of stronger or lighter taste. Try to use one cup to make more cup of coffee, to find out your favorite flavor. 
  3. Control the process. Similar to pour-over coffee, drip coffee also needs to be properly steamed. In other words, the coffee powder should be completely wet by injecting about 40ml of hot water, stopping for a while (15-20 seconds) and then gently injecting water until the appropriate amount of water is available. The brewing time of the whole cup of drip coffee should not exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Next, please enjoy your coffee.

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