How to Make Pour-over Coffee

Drip method of making coffee was invented in 1908 by a German, Mrs. Melita Benz.
Mrs Melita, an ordinary housewife who makes coffee every day and she really hates the grounds.
One day, she came up with the idea of making a hole in the bottom of the coffee cup, using her son’s blotting paper as the filter paper, putting coffee powder in the filter paper, and injecting water into the coffee powder with the kettle. Surprisingly, she made a cup of coffee with different taste.

First of all, let me introduce our main characters——Hario V60。

V60 is considered one of the best coffee filters which can brew the perfect flavor. It was designed by Hario company around 2000.
Its name comes from the fact that it has a 60 degree angle and is made of ceramic, glass, plastic and copper.
Compared with other filter cups, V60 has several prominet advantages:

  1. Cone design with 60° angle: this allows water to flow to the center and extends the time of contact between water and coffee.
  2. Single big hole: can change the speed of water when coffee is brewing, and then change the taste
  3. Spiral shapes: these spiral shapes extend all the way from the bottom to the top, allowing the air to flow smoothly and maximally increasing the contact area between the coffee grounds and the air and water.

It can be seen that V60 has many adjustable factors. Just changing the water flow can make different coffee, which is a practical and interesting coffee appliance.

Now that you know V60, how can you use it to make the coffee you want?

  1. Material preparation
    Coffee beans, grinder, handmade pot and thermometer, filter cup, electronic scale, filter paper, sharing pot.
  2. Make a brewing plan

How many grams of beans? How many grams of water?

How many grams of beans and how many grams of water to choose, is what we often call the powder-water ratio, which determines the concentration of a cup of coffee, too strong or too weak is inadvisable. Generally, the powder-water ratio of pour-over coffee is between 1:12 and 1:18, which depends on individual taste and beans. Today, we will choose 1:15 powder-water ratio.

What degree of grinding is required

For pour-over coffee, the choice of grinding is like the thickness of white sugar.

Choose a moderate grind degree depending on different roast degree of coffee beans.

For better brewing, lightly roasted beans should be ground into fine powder.

Medium roasted beans are ground moderately. Deep roasted beans are ground coarsely to prevent excessive brewing.

What is water temperature?

The water temperature for pour-over coffee is between 85°C and 94°C。

It’s usually 90°C, so you can use this as a line, and you can use low temperature for deep roast, and high temperature for light roast.

To prevent that the coffee is neither over-brewed nor under-brewed.

What kind of brewing method should be used?

There are many ways to brew coffee, so that coffee can be brewed evenly and taste better.

Today I use steam and three – stage water – injection method.

Because the taste for brewing is acid and then bitter at first, we use finer flow water for the first injection, which can prolong time of contact between wanter and coffee powder. We can brew more flavor. We use moderate water flow during the second period and use large water flow to reduce the time of contact.

The brewing time should be controlled between 1:30 and 2:30.

Make your coffee

  1. Weigh 15g coffee beans and boil water to prepare
  2. Grind coffee beans

Grind the weighed coffee beans into a powder. Don’t forget to wash and grind them with about 1 gram of beans first.

Wet the filter paper and warm the pot

Fold the filter paper and place it on the V60 filter cup. The hot water that drips down at the same time can be used to warm the sharing pot below. Don’t forget to pour out the hot pot before you start making coffee.

Put powder 

Place the ground coffee powder into a filter cup filled with filter paper. Gently shake the cup so that the coffee powder is evenly distributed.

Put the filter cup back on top of the sharing pot, and place the whole set of utensils on the electronic scale. Note that the electronic scale should be reset to zero, and prepare to make coffee with water.

To make the water flow more even, poke a small hole in the surface of the coffee powder。

Water injection steam and brewing

Start making coffee with 90°C hot water and press the timer. Wet all coffee powder with double amount of hot water (30g) in a few seconds and leave for 20-30s.

This step is done by steaming the coffee so that the coffee powder releases carbon dioxide and the coffee is brewed more evenly.

The first stage of water injection will start around 30S, and the water will be evenly injected to 100g by the small water flow;

  1. After the water gradually recedes, the second injection begins with moderate water flowing evenly to 170g.
  2. After the water gradually recedes, start the third phase of water injection, large water flow injection to 225g (1:15 powder water ratio, 15g beans, 225g water)

Wait for the drip to finish and a cup of pour-over coffee is ready.

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