How to make American Chemex coffee

Chemex – literally “chemical exchange” – was named after founder Peter j. schlumbohm, who was originally a chemist.
Dr. Schlumbohm was born in Germany and moved to the United States. While studying chemistry, he was also an avid inventor. He invented more than 3,000 objects, large and small.

Use Chemex coffeemaker for detailed steps:

  1. Add pure hot water

Not only do you need to have 510g of hot water for your coffee brewing, you also need to have more for your filter paper and coffee pot。

 2. Ground coffee beans

Grind 30g coffee powder to what degree is best? It’s thicker than a drip bottle at first but thinner than a normal press。

3. Put in the filter paper

Fold the square filter paper and place it in a Chemex pot. The three-cornered side should be placed on the side of the spout that is used to fill the pot.

Once the water is hot, rinse off the filter paper and pour the water out of the pot to preheat the coffee pot as well.

4. Add coffee powder

Pour coffee powder into the filter paper.

5. Water injection

Once the water starts to boil, take it to one side and let it cool for 20-30 seconds.
It’s very important that you don’t put too much water in the first time, just enough to soak the coffee powder and allow it to expand. Soak the coffee powder and wait 20-40 seconds to release the carbon dioxide from the coffee powder

6. Stir (optional)

You can gently stir it with a wooden spoon.

7. Continue to water injection

Continue to slowly fill with hot water, not too full, but at least three centimeters from the top.

When the required amount of coffee has been extracted, stop filling. Measuring it on an electronic scale will prevent too much water from being injected。

8. Enjoy

When the water runs out, remove the filter paper and enjoy!

9. After brewing

As with other pour-over coffees, we must maintain the temperature of the pot. In addition to quickly covering up the rest of the coffee, there are two tips:

  1. Pour the rest of the coffee into a thermos;
  2. Get into the habit of drinking as much as you brew.



Reusable filters

In addition to the usual filter paper, you can also purchase a reusable filter specially designed by Chemex. Some people have a strong preference for filters and metal filters. I like both. Filters are easier to clean, but if you have a reusable filter, you won’t wake up feeling like you’re out of filters!

And, of course, there are filter cottons made specifically for Chemex, which are worth a try if you don’t mind washing them every time.


In the history of coffee and the dark side, mark pendergrast notes that Chemex is hard to clean. I’m against it. It’s a glass bottle that washes off easily with a detergent and hot water, or even just hot water. If you need extra cleaning, loosen the pegs first, then remove the handle from the neck of the pot.
Can Chemex extract good coffee? Yes, it’s a good choice for most people to make coffee on hand. Combined with an electric kettle and an electronic scale, Chemex is the perfect coffee maker.
There are four extraction models for Chemex POTS: 3 cups, 6 cups, 8 cups, and 10 cups. For 3 cups use a different size filter paper and do not use stainless steel mesh.

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