Brazilian Coffee meets China Coffee

Today we had a great meeting with Felipe Peixoto dos Santos (Yunnique Trading Company), who is importing specialty, single origin Brazilian coffees into China. He has left us a COE natural process coffee that we will be cupping when our team gets back from Hotelex in Shanghai. Looking forward to it!

While Felipe was here, we wanted to see how a Brazilian, from the land of coffee, would enjoy our flower coffees. We prepared a Jasmine coffee blend for him to try and he left us with the following comments:

I have tried for the first time the jasmine drip coffee and I was impressed with the taste and smell! You can actually feel both tastes: coffee and jasmine, I could drink it the whole day! Thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you Felipe for paying us a visit while you are in Kunming. Hopefully, we will see much more of you in the future!

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