Discovering, Appreciating & Loving Coffee in China

As an expat in China, I spent many years struggling to find great coffee. Most was over roasted and often the beans were of an inferior quality, making it difficult to do anything good with them.

Luckily, through my time in Kunming, I happened across a few cafes that sold fantastic coffees. To my surprise, I later found out that they were all supplied by ManLao River. When the opportunity to work with ManLoa River emerged, I jumped at being a part of such a great operation.

Producing and roasting coffee is a real art that requires strict quality control at every stage of the process. ManLao River Coffee’s operations at the farm level all the way through to a final roasted product give the company a strong advantage in terms when we aim to produce the best coffee in China.

We take a long term view of our coffee growing partnerships and, because of this, are able to invest back into the regions that supply our roaster with amazing Chinese coffee.

Sitting in a cafe or brewing a great coffee at home, it is easy to forget that coffee is an agricultural product that requires years of careful cultivating at the farm level. The journey from farm to cup is long and normally stops over in many places.

Next time you take a sip, have a think about all the steps in the process the make a great cup and know that each step affects and builds the flavour that you are sipping.

This thought inspires us each day and will help you appreciate the beauty of the journey.

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