4th Yunnan Coffee Cup China Brewing Contest Kunming Round & 1st Kunming Speciality Coffee Culture Festival

From October 26th to 28th, the 4th Yunnan Coffee Cup China Brewing Contest Kunming Round and the First Yunnan Speciality Coffee Culture Festival was hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture, China Coffee Alliance, Shanghai Café Competition Communication Co., Ltd. Eighteen coffee brewing masters were selected to compete for the chance at to compete in this year’s China Brewing Contest Finals in Lincan.

The contestants used different grinds, measurements, water temperature, water-powder ratio and extraction time to highlight their chosen producing areas and estates. In a departure from previous years, this year’s coffee brewing competition will be incorporated into the First Speciality Coffee Culture Festival in Yunnan. flavours have attracted coffee brands from all over China as sponsors as well as local Yunnan coffee manors and cafés. With great coffee and live music, this is an opportunity for the general public.

Yunnan Province is the largest coffee producing area in China. The competition aims to explore and display the diverse and rich flavors and characteristics of Yunnan Speciality Coffee, and help the promotion of the Yunnan coffee brand. This contest spans the breadth of mainland China, with competitors and selection rounds from the Southwest, Northwest, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, South China, North China, and Northeast Regions. The hope is that more coffee professionals will understand Yunnan coffee through these competitions and that this will generate interest by China’s top brewers.

ManLao River was the main organiser and sponsor of the event.

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