Airborne AeroPress

We have been big fans of the AeroPress for a while. It makes a great coffee with a little more body than a typical pour over. It seems to really bring out some of the more subtle flavours in Yunnan’s coffee and has become our go-to coffee brewing method when we are on the road. 

in Seattle this year, I came across the Fellow Prismo AeroPress attachment, which actually makes a great thing even better. It doesn’t use paper filters, which means the coffee is a little grittier, but I don’t mind that at all.. some of the best coffees I have had I cupped!

On a recent flight with Julien, I decided to test out whether or not an AeroPress could be made in an AeroPlane. I used the upsidedown brewing method and a coffee cup I smuggled onto the plane from Costa Coffee. The beans were freshly roasted honey processed Yunnan Catimor Arabica that I ground with a small hand grinder. 

The reason for the Costa cup was that I had tried and failed in this experiment on my previous flight due to the frailty and size of the airline’s paper cups. The airline cups were fine for divvying up the fine brew for consumption though. The waterproof paper rubbish bag (let’s just call it that) in the seatback pocket was great for getting rid of the grinds after without making too much mess. 

Overall, this was a totally worthwhile experiment and one I will be trying again in the future. I have, however, gone and bought myself a travel mug specifically for the AeroPress that is considerably more durable than a paper cup. It certainly makes things much easier than trying to negotiate a clean empty cup from a confused coffee shop at the airport.

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